Start and stop server

User 2154 | 8/8/2015, 9:22:39 AM

Hi, I'm running a testing script multiple times, and each time I run it, the server start at the beginning, and stop at the end. I would like to now if there is a way to hold the server open and just reconnect to it, to save time.


User 1359 | 8/10/2015, 9:09:59 PM

Hi Yonaton,

I understand you to mean that you are running a shell script, which is run multiple times? The shell script calls a Python script which starts GLC each time it is run?

In this instance, it is not possible to leave the unity server open and to reconnect to it when restarting the Python interpreter.

If that is the case, could you refactor the shell script into Python? That would allow you to keep the unity server open between iterations of the test code.

Cheers, Dick