Fail to Import NumPy

User 2146 | 8/6/2015, 11:00:05 PM

Hello there,

I am new to GraphLab Create and just installed version 1.5.2 on my windows machine. I have some problems when importing NumPy in the virtual environment that I created (dato-env). An Import Error is saying: no module name numpy. So I listed out all the packages, among which I didn't see NumPy as well. I also have an older version of GraphLab Create installed on another machine, no such problem happens.

My question is that since GraphLab Create comes together with a Anaconda distribution (Python 2.7.10), shouldn't those scientific packages(NumPy, SciPy...) be available?

Thank you for answering.


User 15 | 8/7/2015, 4:54:11 PM

Hi Joyce,

When you create a virtual environment through conda, it will be as if no packages are installed when you're using that environment (not even the ones Anaconda comes with...unless you specify them). This is by design to make sure no packages conflict, and to allow different environments that hold different package versions. So when you create "dato-env" and install GraphLab Create, it will include only the GraphLab Create package and our dependencies. You're not finding NumPy because GraphLab Create doesn't depend on it. You can simply execute "conda install numpy" with the dato-env environment activated to get it.

On your other machine with an older version, is it installed within a virtual environment? If so, does that virtual enviornment have the standard Anaconda packages installed?

User 2146 | 8/7/2015, 5:20:32 PM

Hi Evan,

Thank you. I understand it now. As to the older version, it is also installed within a virtual environment. I need to check if the standard Anaconda packages are installed.