GraphLab Create 1.5.1 on Windows

User 940 | 7/24/2015, 4:45:06 PM

Due to a bug in 1.5.1, GraphLab Create 1.5.1 does not launch if the install path contains a space. The current workaround is to reinstall GraphLab Create in a directory without a space. Frequently, this may mean one needs reinstall conda under C:\ instead of under C:\Users\<User Name>.

Additionally, GraphLab Create 1.5.1 is not compatible with multiple installations of Conda. The current workaround is to uninstall the Conda duplicates.

We are working on fixes for these issues.


User 2002 | 7/29/2015, 5:24:53 PM

This should now be addressed with the release of GLC 1.5.2.