install Powergraph on docker container got MAKE ERROR "mismatch hash"

User 2080 | 7/12/2015, 9:37:27 AM

hello,guys. I'm a fresh man to Powergraph. when I install Powergraph's toolkits for graph_algorithms in a docker container, I got some error like this: CMake Error at libatcmalloc-stamp/download-libtcmalloc.cmake:9(file): file DOWNLOAD HASH mismatch. the screenshot could be found at attaches. And I could NOT PING the src URL out , but I can PING the out. Any comments will help. thank you guys :)


User 2080 | 7/12/2015, 11:11:07 AM

And I can not use wget to get the gperftools-2.0.tar.gz file . It seems like this:

Is there any comments? I really need your help. thank you~

User 1592 | 7/14/2015, 5:11:29 PM

Hi It seems your machine is not connected to the Internet. We need to download some dependencies. Please check your network and proxy configuration.


User 2080 | 7/19/2015, 8:20:23 AM

My machine was connected to the internet. Because I used "git clone" in container to get the sourcecode . Maybe the issue is about proxy configuration . And I have no idea about this . Would you give some suggestions ? Best,

User 2745 | 12/9/2015, 5:37:45 AM

Hi This is becouse gperftools-2.0.tar.gz is not downloaded. You can use "ls -l" to see the size of gperftool is 0. You can copy it from some other machines or download one from web.