[PowerGraph] Where is the output for SSSP

User 2037 | 7/7/2015, 5:03:52 PM

Hi, I am using powerGraph as it is the open source one and I can look at the source code. I tried this command ./sssp --graph smallworld-1000-500.txt --format=snap --source=2 Where can I find the path and training time or computation time? The output I got is: memoryinfo.cpp(logusage:90): Memory Info: Post Flush Heap: 14 MB... .................. INFO: distributedingressbase.hpp(exchangeglobalinfo:546): Graph info: nverts: 1000 nedges: 455699 nreplicas: 1000 replication factor: 1

vertices: 1000

edges: 455699

No source vertex provided. Adding vertex 0 as source INFO: omniengine.hpp(omniengine:191): Using the Synchronous engine. INFO: distributedgraph.hpp(finalize:702): Distributed graph: enter finalize INFO: distributedingressbase.hpp(finalize:199): Finalizing Graph... INFO: distributedingressbase.hpp(finalize:244): Skipping Graph Finalization because no changes happened... INFO: memoryinfo.cpp(logusage:90): Memory Info: Before Engine Initialization Heap: 43.6016 MB Allocated: 17.2944 MB INFO: memoryinfo.cpp(logusage:90): Memory Info: After Engine Initialization Heap: 43.6016 MB Allocated: 17.3154 MB INFO: synchronousengine.hpp(start:1299): Iteration counter will only output every 5 seconds. INFO: synchronousengine.hpp(start:1314): 0: Starting iteration: 0 INFO: synchronousengine.hpp(start:1363): Active vertices: 1 INFO: synchronousengine.hpp(start:1412): Running Aggregators INFO: synchronousengine.hpp(start:1424): 3 iterations completed. Updates: 1000 INFO: synchronousengine.hpp(start:1441): Compute Balance: 0.024244 Finished Running engine in 0 seconds. INFO: dc.cpp(~distributedcontrol:166): Shutting down distributed control INFO: dctcpcomm.cpp(close:247): Closing listening socket INFO: dctcpcomm.cpp(sendloop:653): Send loop Stopped INFO: dctcpcomm.cpp(close:267): Closing outgoing sockets INFO: dctcpcomm.cpp(receiveloop:594): Receive loop Stopped INFO: dctcpcomm.cpp(close:285): Closing incoming sockets INFO: dc.cpp(~distributedcontrol:198): Bytes Sent: 4327168 INFO: dc.cpp(~distributedcontrol:199): Calls Sent: 69 INFO: dc.cpp(~distributedcontrol:200): Network Sent: 4327168 INFO: dc.cpp(~distributedcontrol:201): Bytes Received: 4326616 INFO: dc.cpp(~distributed_control:202): Calls Received: 69


User 1592 | 7/8/2015, 7:11:47 AM

Hi You should add the --saveprefix=out command line to store the output.

Please note that PowerGraph code is deprecated. We recommend switching to our newest Graphlab Create where you have shortest path: https://dato.com/products/create/docs/generated/graphlab.shortest_path.create.html which is easier to use and enjoys great performance even for graphs that do not fit in the memory of you machine. You can evaluate GraphLab Create for 30 days when registering at http://dato.com. If you are a student you can receive a free academic license.