IPython Notebook kernel restarts after calling GraphLab Create method on Linux OS

User 9 | 6/22/2015, 8:32:46 PM

Issue: On Linux, there is a known bug with GraphLab Create <= 1.4.1 and pyzmq== 14.7.0 which results in IPython Notebook restarting when trying to call a Graphlab Create API.

Repro steps: ipython notebook import graphlab as gl gl.SFrame() [I 11:42:45.092 NotebookApp] KernelRestarter: restarting kernel (1/5) WARNING:root:kernel 12d8d5f4-271e-46e3-a157-c151999e751e restarted

Fix: You can downgrade pyzmq to version 14.6.0

pip install pyzmq==14.6.0

This issue will be resolved in the next release of GraphLab Create. Let us know if this fix doesn't work for you.


User 3519 | 3/12/2016, 11:53:32 PM

I have the same error with graphlab 1.8.4 and pyzmq 15.1.0 [I 00:25:38.337 NotebookApp] KernelRestarter: restarting kernel (1/5) WARNING:root:kernel 0ee0c5a2-c784-49cc-a4d5-8e6e298fb96a restarted when i call graphlab.Sframe

User 1207 | 3/14/2016, 9:29:57 PM

@mderouich -- do you get the same error if downgrading it? It appears to be an issue with all versions of pyzmq >= 14.7.0.

-- Hoyt

User 3796 | 3/19/2016, 8:22:03 PM

Hi, I have the same problem with graphlab 1.8.5. I did downgrading of the pyzmq to version 14.6.0, but problem still happens. Any suggestion?

Léo Biscassi.