How can I get license for GraphLab on server?

User 2046 | 6/12/2015, 3:37:25 AM

Hi, all,

I am encountering a problem. I want to use the Graphlab installed on the server. However, the server only gives license to the person who installed it. How can I access it on server? Do I need to get a license for accessing GraphLab?

Thanks very much.

Best, Lin


User 19 | 6/12/2015, 4:13:15 AM

Hi Lin,

It's very easy to obtain your own version to run on the server: just go to our Download page to get a free 30 day free trial.

I'm happy to help you get it installed properly. Just let us know!


User 2046 | 6/12/2015, 2:41:27 PM

Hi, Chris,

Thanks for your help! Does it mean I have to install it again with the license I get from your website? Is it possible that we can use one version installed by someone else on the server so that all the people who can access the server can use it instead of installing it again?

I look forward to your reply.

Best, Lin

User 2046 | 6/12/2015, 2:51:25 PM

Hi, I just found the answer in another discussion: Common Installation Problems. I can just set the product key with this line: graphlab.productkey.setproduct_key("Product Key") And the problem is solved.