Where are the graph APIs (GraphLab vs PowerGraph vs Data-Core)

User 2018 | 6/3/2015, 10:18:07 PM

Hi, Where can I find graph APIs like bfs, sssp, page rank etc.? I couldn't find them on Data-Core, but I did find some of them in PowerGraph. Will PowerGraph get an update ever? Also, is there a difference in performance between C++/Python version of APIs? They use the same core, but I wanted to know what's the overhead.

Thanks, Jay


User 1592 | 6/6/2015, 3:46:23 PM

Hi Jay The graph analytics toolkit is part of Graphlab Create and also released as open source at Dato core see for example [https://github.com/dato-code/Dato-Core/blob/f929c9e4673c1b76a0e8ab35cd01b92b9a4eb4d3/src/unity/python/graphlab/toolkits/graphanalytics/pagerank.py](https://github.com/dato-code/Dato-Core/blob/f929c9e4673c1b76a0e8ab35cd01b92b9a4eb4d3/src/unity/python/graphlab/toolkits/graphanalytics/pagerank.py "https://github.com/dato-code/Dato-Core/blob/f929c9e4673c1b76a0e8ab35cd01b92b9a4eb4d3/src/unity/python/graphlab/toolkits/graph_analytics/pagerank.py"). Both python interface and the actual c++ implementation is available.

We have significantly extended performance and we can scale to CommonCrawl - the largest web graph available with 130B edges and 4B nodes - ON A SINGLE MACHINE. This is two order of magnitudes of previous graphlab versions. Powergraph is now deprecated.