Visualizing topic models with pyLDAvis

User 2007 | 5/29/2015, 9:44:23 PM

Hi all, I just released a python library for interactive topic model visualization. It integrates with IPython notebook and has some helpers to quickly visualize a TopicModel trained with GraphLab Create. Check out the project page and this example notebook on how to use it with GraphLab.

Happy topic modelling!


User 1178 | 5/29/2015, 9:59:44 PM

That is amazing, thank you Ben for helping the community!

User 18 | 5/29/2015, 10:10:13 PM

Seconding Ping's sentiment. That is awesome! We'd love to feature this on our blog. Would you like to write a guest post? Message me for more details. alicez at

Thank you!

User 2007 | 6/3/2015, 2:00:35 AM

There was a bug in my GraphLab helper function that was producing incorrect visualizations! I fixed it and have released v1.1.0, so please update to that if you have been using this. With the bug corrected the visualization in the notebook looks much better: