Access to execution engine using GraphLab Create SDK

User 674 | 5/19/2015, 11:50:32 PM

Dear all,

I was trying to code up some algorithm using the GraphLab Create SDK. However it seems to me that developer does not have access to the execution engine (Synchronous/Asynchronous). Also there seems to be no way of specifying exactly the Gather, Apply and Scatter phase of the computation in the SDK.

Both of the above two things are possible in the PowerGraph version of the source.

Is the directly control of execution engine not recommended? If so, what would be the reason, otherwise how can we have access to the execution engine ?

Thank you very much, Qiyuan Qiu


User 1178 | 5/25/2015, 11:24:51 PM

Hi Qiyuan,

GraphLab Create SDK aims to provide you the full ability to leverage GraphLab Create's core technology -- SFrame and SGraph to build your own performant, out-of-core, parallel algorithms for your Data Science work. It also makes it easy to expose your C++ extensions as Python functions and classes.

The Gather, Apply and Scatter, however, has a different focus. It is only for graph analytics.

There is a triple-apply in GraphLab Create that help you traverse all edges in parallel and apply computation on the edge and vertexes associated with the edge. You may use this to achieve some of the functionality you need with GAS model.



User 674 | 5/27/2015, 4:14:47 AM

OK, thanks. I will look into that.