Key Product issue

User 1946 | 5/17/2015, 1:32:09 PM

Hi I got a problem with getting product key for register graphlab. I follow the link and fill the form. After click on start free trial, My screen said "A product key has already been generated for this email address. Would you like us to resend your confirmation email?"

I thought an email with product key has been sent. But I could not get it even in spam folder. I click to request resend confirmation email , but I could not find a product key in this mail except other information. (screenshot attach

Any one could point out my confusion

Thanks Tri


User 1592 | 5/17/2015, 5:40:38 PM

Hi Tri I have sent you your personal product key using email. You need to create a file under ~/.graphlab/config with [Product] productkey="YOURPRODUCT_KEY" Let us know if this works

User 1946 | 5/18/2015, 1:46:36 AM

Hi Danny

Thank for product key and I can register and create config (see config screenshot). But I could not get what describe in Getting Started GraphLab VM when I initiate ipython, import graphlab

The commands g = gra g = graphlab.S g = graphlab.SGraph()

indicate some issues (refer Get screen shot and Want screenshot)

Best regard

User 1592 | 5/18/2015, 3:08:47 AM

Hi Tri 1) You are using commands which do not exist - graphlab.SGraph() is the full command, but gra and graphlab.S are partial commands which are wrong. 2) It seems you have two installations, in one printout the server version is 1.4 and in the other 0.9. You should use the 1.4 version. 3) The Java is a warning, you can install Java to remove the warning.